Finding ways to keep the kids busy during the holidays can be difficult, especially during the summer when they have so much time off from school. Luckily, we have some great ways for you to keep the kids not only busy, but creative too, and they all involve rubber stamps!

One great rubber stamps craft that will keep the kids busy all summer long is to get them to create reward or chore charts. These can work however you want them to; for example, if you designate specific chores for your children and they do them for a whole week, they could get a reward at the end. Not only do they get to be creative in designing their initial charts, but they can use different types of stamps throughout the summer on their charts to ‘sign off’ on their charts, and as a bonus, you’ll get the kids willing to help with chores too!

Another rubber stamp craft that can last all summer long is a scrapbook or journal. Like reward charts, these can be designed however you want but a good way to get this to work is to have different stamps to represent different things (such as emotions or activities), and then the kids can stamp their journals daily or weekly, so that they have a record of their summer. Scrapbooks can work similarly, but you can also include photos and tickets etc., which is particularly great for remembering holidays away, but also work great for just remembering a good summer! As well as using these throughout the summer, getting to personalise and decorate the journals/scrapbooks to begin with is also a great activity to keep the kids busy with.

Using rubber stamps to decorate postcards is another great craft for the summer, especially if you go away on any trips or holidays. Similarly, you could use stamps to decorate letters and envelopes, or any cards you may be sending. Using stamps to do this is great because it means that everything that is sent is personalised, and it also means that even young kids who might not be able to write yet can get involved.

Towards the end of the summer, you can use rubber stamp crafts to get ready for going back to school. You could do this by getting personalised stamps for each of your children so that they can put their names or a symbol on their clothes both so it doesn’t get mixed up at home, and so it doesn’t get lost at school. You could also get the kids to decorate other school essentials like pencil cases, or get a stack of paper lunch bags for them to decorate so they have different designs every day!

Rubber stamps are so versatile that these are only a few examples of things you could do with your kids this summer. Other great craft ideas are also possible, such as decorating plain clothes, making bookmarks, or just creating art! You’re sure to find plenty to do with custom rubber stamps that’s fun for you and your children.

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