When it comes to your wedding, naturally, you want the day to be perfect! Often to accomplish perfection (or as close to!), the devil is in the detail. However, when there are so many elements to consider the cost add up faster than you might anticipate initially.

One important detail is undoubtedly your wedding invitations and stationery. They are usually quite a high priority and something that you will tackle early on in your wedding planning. Your chosen stationery will give your guests the very first glimpse into your special day and you may choose to reflect the theme too; many people do to help people get an idea of what your day will entail.

There are many companies who offer personalised wedding invitations however with costs usually in the region of £2.00 each, for any kind of sizable wedding, you will easily be looking at excess of £100 for your wedding invitations alone.

But there are other options…


Making your own stationery is a fantastic option to reduce your costs and bring a handmade touch. We supply a personalised wedding stamp to help you along the way for less than £30!

Then with a custom design taken care of, you can embellish the invites however you wish. You just need to buy high quality card, and consider the thickness, texture and colour you would like. You will also need to remember the paper inserts if you decide upon a folded card design which is where the details of your day will be included. Paper inserts tend to give a higher quality finish. Depending on the theme of your wedding you might like to add jewels, lace, ribbon or other finishing touches to decorate them. But ultimately, your imagination is the only limit! Pinterest is full of creative ideas and a fantastic place to get inspiration. In terms of buying your supplies, you might find some traditional craft stores a bit too expensive, but you could always scour the likes of eBay and Amazon to help reduce some of the costs.

Even after buying the supplies, the cost will likely save you some money over all and you get the satisfaction of unleashing your creative side and let’s be honest, lots of people enjoy crafty projects when you have the time to do so!

Once your masterpieces are finished, names are added, I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed you might like to know that we also have wax seals and embossing machines to help you include more personal style and flair and really put the finishing touches to your documents.

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