Greeks bearing more philatelic gifts (Greece 2022 stamps)

Greeks bearing more philatelic gifts (Greece 2022 stamps)

Hellenic Post comes bearing beautiful philatelic gifts of history and art this year. 2022 starts off with a set celebrating Greece’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With 18 currently on the list and 14 under consideration, it must have been a trial picking just 4 to showcase. A fresco, a mosaic, statues and architecture all take a turn in the limelight.

History lovers will be treated to more great stamps courtesy the annual EUROPA and EUROPMED competitions. Both have killer themes. EUROPA 2022 covers Local Myths and Legends and EUROMED Marine Archeology. Oh, where to start with so much to choose from? Greece is one entire heritage site!

For fans of number play, don’t miss the February 02/22/2022 set. It’s a playful bit of fun for February 2, 2022. And check out the excellent cancel the Greek post office created for the day. 

Last year featured a number of stamps celebrating the bicentennial of Greek Independence. 5 separate sets were created including The Revolution of 1821 Through the Eyes of Children, which was, hands down, the best set of the series.


Long time Hellenic Post designer Theano Venieri incorporated artwork from  4 children in this unusual series. Venierri used a light hand in designing the set, allowing the children’s work to shine. So, will Hellenic Post have more like this for us? Not this year, alas. That was a special competition run for the anniversary of the Greek Revolution. As I said last year, more like this would be appreciated.  Having children help in the design of stamps is an excellent way of creating a new generation of both designers and collectors. You can see the stamps & FDCs here The Wonderful Greek 2021 stamp program.

2022 is a fascinating mix of modern Greece interwoven with it’s deep cultural and historical roots condensed down into creative stamps and cancels. Enjoy this offering from Greece. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I love writing about them.


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