Stamp Collector Glossary

Stamp Collector Glossary

Philately: The study of postage stamps and associated areas.

Definitive stamp: A definitive stamp is intended for everyday use over a long period of time often depicting the profile of the monarch’s head.

Commemorative stamp: A commemorative stamp commemorates an event or theme, sometimes called ‘Special’ as often there is no anniversary involved.

Used: A stamp that has been used postally and bears at least part of a postmark.

Mint: A stamp in perfect condition, uncancelled, and having its original gum.

Cancellation: A postal marking is applied on top of the stamp to show it’s gone through the post and deface the stamp so it can’t be reused.

Perforation: A means of making the separation of individual stamps easier by removing small pieces of paper from the gaps between the stamps.

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